Sunday, December 20, 2020

There's no "tooth fairy" for seniors (sigh): Round 2, but with park pictures

. . .

Shira flossed down 

and lost that same crown

and the curse-words came tumbling after



(Round 1 here.)

On the plus side:

~ I spent only about 15 minutes--and no more money--at the dentist.

~ I got an excuse to take the subway into Manhattan again--we've been avoiding public transit during this pandemic except for medical appointments--and this appointment was early enough in the day (11 AM this past Friday) that I could walk across Central Park South (where my dentist is), take some photos of Central Park under a blanket of snow, then hop on a bus and stock up on meat at Kosher Marketplace.

Remind me, though, to take my shots from the downtown/south side of Central Park South because the snow gets cleared from the sidewalks in front of the buildings, but not necessarily from the sidewalks on the park side.  I had to walk super-slowly to keep myself from falling.

This is why I didn't go into the park--not all of the walkways were cleared very well.

This is why I should have stayed on the downtown/south side of Central Park South--it was slippery territory on the park side.

I'm not sure what that structure is, but it's pretty.

Here I am at the southwest entrance to Central Park.  I made it!

Greetings from the entrance statues, and, of course, a pigeon.  :)


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